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CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar                               Volume - 3, 2021

                                                              We  have  also  set  up  Incubation  &  Technology  Enabling
                                                              Centre  (InTEC  )  which  would  create  an  ecosystem  for
                                                              nurturing young entrepreneurs in molding their Start-Ups.  It
                                                              will facilitate in providing incubation support and specialized
                                                              knowledge  and  technology  framework  for  translating
                                                              innovative developments in the space of minerals, materials
                                                              and other technologies for sustainable utilization of natural
                                                              resources.  It  will  provide  conducive  environment  for
                                                              scientists  to  work  with  external  partners  for  product
                                                              developments and their commercial exploitation.

                                                              In view of improving COVID-19 situation and to bridge the
                                                              long  gap  of  holding  any  sporting  event  since  lockdown,
    Although  COVID-19  posed  several  limitations  but  our   IMMT  took  the  responsibility  of  hosting  A.P.  Mitra
    scientific,  technical,  administrative  and  research  scholars   Badminton and G.S Sidhu table tennis tournament during 11-
    students  strived  hard  for  executing  and  continuing  their   14th March, 2021 jointly with CSIR-Sports Promotion Board
    targeted work in time. In difficult time too, IMMT was able to   (SPB),  New  Delhi  in  which  many  institutes/organizations
    work on 167 number of projects out of which 80 new projects   participated and made it a grand success.
    are  there  with  rupees  31cr  external  cash  flow  in  the  last
    financial  year,  funded  by  both  government  and  private   I  am  happy  to  announce  that  we  have  introduced  face
    agencies. This is 51% of the CSIR budget that we get from   recognition based attendance system in our office which has
    Head quarters. The lab's R & D activities are primarily funded   been developed by one of our sister labs, CSIR-CEERI Pilani.
    by  NALCO,  Vedanta,  Tata  steel,  JSW,  JSPL,  NMDC,    This will not only help us to give attendance in this COVID-
    CMPDI,  NTPC,  DMRL,  OMC,  MOIL,  MSPL,  Rourkela        19  pandemic  situation,  but  also  will  continue  after  the
    Steel  Plant,  NSPCL,  MIDHANI  Ltd,  Ministry  of  Mines,   pandemic replacing the earlier one.
    Ministry of Steel, Ministry of Earth Science and Ministry of
    Science & Technology.                                     Last  year  we  successfully  conducted  the  Scientists
                                                              Recruitment and 10 candidates were selected out of which 9
    We  have  set  up  a  Common  Research  &  Technology     joined.  We  are  also  currently  in  the  process  of  recruiting
    Development  Hub  (CRTDH)  for  development  of  the      Group-3 and Group 2 technical and administrative staff.
    entrepreneurship  and  Start-ups  in  the  areas  of  Mineral  &
    Materials  processing  and  new  Chemical  processing.    I  am  happy  that  CSIR-IMMT  successfully  organised
    Presently,  we  have  two  entrepreneurs  namely,  M/s.   CHEMCON-2021 during 26-30th December, 2021 and set
    INNOCULE,  Bhubaneswar  and  M/s.  LN  INTECH,            the tone to take the R & D work further with academia and
    Bhubaneswar who are working with us in this programme.    industries.
    This project has been sponsored by DSIR, Govt. of India with
    a budget of Rs. 12.50 Crores.                             At  the  end,  I  sincerely  thanks  to  the  Scientists, Technical
                                                              Administrative  Staff  members  and  the  students  of  IMMT
    Under the leadership of the CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, a     whose  sincere  and  tireless  effort  made  this  COVID-19
    project under “Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY)”, has   pandemic difficult year to be a successful time. We all should
    been carried out in Nabarangpur district of Odisha where the   strive to do our best to make India proud through Research
    basic purpose of the project to provide Sustainable Energy,   and Development.
    Health & Nutrition, Value Added Integrated Farming, Post-
    harvest  Processing,  Fishery  &  Poultry  Development,  and                                        Thank you all.
    Enterpreneur Development. The project has been sponsored                                   Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu
    by  the  Dept.  Of Agriculture  and  Farmers'  Empowerment,                                 Director, CSIR-IMMT
    Govt. of Odisha and the total budget of this project is Rs. 520
    lakhs out of which IMMT's component is 102 lakhs.

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